iPhone Study No.1

The world is an ever changing place, and if you had told me only a couple of years ago that I would leave my Nikon DSLR sitting at home while exploring a new European city I wouldn't have believed you. However, that is exactly what I am now doing. We've been in Freiburg for two months and the only—I repeat, the ONLY—photos of the city I have are on my iPhone. 

Does it mean I'm getting lazy in my old age and new motherhood? Maybe. Does it mean my love of photography is waning? I don't think so. Does it mean the convenience of the iPhone and it's small and practical size are winning out over my expensive and bulky camera? Yes. Not to mention, the photos it takes are pretty impressive. 

So, here's a little study I made on moss and lichen while Edwin and I were exploring one day. He was having fun running up and down the ancient stone staircase, and I was having fun discovering what was living on these ancient stone walls. 

Have a wonderful weekend!
xx Bess 

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