It's the last day before the Christmas holidays and the office is looking pretty empty... well, I guess it always looks pretty empty, but I'm feeling the emptiness. Gone are my buddies the tight deadlines and stacks of paper, hum of the printer and crackle of cello sleeves. Instead, there is the twiddling of thumbs and buzzing coming from my head as I begin to plot the coming year for English Muffin. It's nice (and necessary) to have some downtime, but it is also a little boring. Good thing it's Eddie's last day at daycare and Charles' at work! Time to pack the car, hit the road and begin the nuttiness that is the Christmas holidays, Callard-Nock style. 

From our family to yours, we wish you the happiest of holidays! See you in 2014!

xo Bess

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  1. Happy, happy holidays, Bess! Big love and hugs to the whole family! See you when you get back xoxox


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