It was a little bit AWESOME to read Refinery 29's blog post title, "The Cutest Pop-Up In Natural History—We Found It!" just days after shipping a big box full of English Muffin goodies to said pop-up shop—you know, the cutest one in natural history!

Image via Refinery 29, Photographed by Kimon Kaketsis
Have you heard of BRIKA? They feature work of makers, artists and designers in a curated online marketplace. The site is full of some of my favourite designers and the work is all modern, beautiful and well-crafted. As I have learned more about their business model and commitment to valuing the work of the artists they feature, I have only been more and more impressed. So, needless to say I was thrilled when they asked to have some English Muffin products in their holiday pop-up shop at the Hudson's Bay Queen St. store in downtown Toronto (pinch!). The shop looks absolutely adorable, and although my products likely didn't make it to the shop in time for the photo shoot, I am so thrilled to see how beautiful everything looks! I can't wait to visit The Bay and see my products in BRIKA's Pop-Up shop when we go to Toronto for Christmas (pinch again!).

xx Bess


  1. After reading this post, checked out your stuff at BRIKA at The Bay. Looks great!!

    1. Oh, now I'm so curious to see everything in the shop!! Thank you for letting me know :)


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