As Eddie grows, seemingly by the minute, it is such a joy to spend time with him out in the world. He waves hello and goodbye to everyone, spots airplanes the size of a grain of rice in the sky, identifies cars, trucks and buses, and generally just adds a whole lot of goodness to our lives.

We woke up Saturday morning to a beautiful cool (dare I say chilly!) breeze blowing through the apartment. The change in weather inspired a perfect weekend full of family time. We picnicked in the park, went for a car-ride over our favourite bridge, breakfasted at Arhoma and stopped by the new West Elm store to oooo and ahhh at the pretty furniture.

Edwin has taught us to slow down and "do" less in a day. We still do a lot as parents but we plan less activities and hopefully give as much importance to the quiet everyday moments as we do the fun excursions. It's a pretty easy lesson to learn when your kid is pleased as punch watering the garden using the hose all by himself.

Happy Tuesday!
xx Bess

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