Today Edwin turns 1.5 years old, or 18 months. When do we stop telling people our baby's age in months and switch to years? I wonder how many months old I am?!

Summer seems to be flying by, we're already in mid-July—it always catches me off guard, but with the crummy weather we had in June, I suppose it makes sense that summer feels like it didn't officially start until July 1st. Life is busy and good. Really good. Despite a what my friend Shana calls an 18 month sleep regression that we're currently experiencing with Edwin, we are all doing great. I feel like I've hit my stride, and I think it has a lot to do with having a few days a week to call my own while Eddie is at daycare. Our daycare owner, Rosie, is really wonderful and Edwin is learning and exploring and having a great time. His favourite word is "sapatos", spanish for shoe. When Charles and I went to pick him up yesterday Rosie told us that he fell asleep for his nap whispering "sa-pa-tos" softly to himself. 

I hope you are all enjoying the warmth and sunshine. 

And, happy 1.5 years of life Eddie. 

xo Bess


  1. That "sapatos" story is so cute! What a sweetheart : )

  2. So cute. Happy 1.5years.
    I think I stopped referring to my now three year old age in months in between the 18months to 24month period.. mainly because I could no longer keep track. So I just told everyone he was almost 2 until he actually turned 2.

  3. Aw! My twins just turned one this past weekend, I can't believe it. It seems the norm is to use months until 2. Someone told me yesterday that I can't call M + H "babies" since they are one. WHAT?! I was crushed. I'm sorry-but they are babies until 2 in my opinion.


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