Outings with Edwin

Having a baby in the dead of winter, in MontrĂ©al, meant that the first few weeks of Edwin's life were spent cooped-up inside. I think the idea of spending a lot of time inside, at home, cocooned with your new little baby is great in theory, in practice it left me feeling a little trapped and longing to go for a walk around the block. However, minus 30 degrees Celsius is no joke, so snuggled up and warm at home we stayed, and stayed, and stayed. 

Luckily winter can't stick around for ever, and thanks to a super warm bunting bag, snowsuit, hat and mitts, Edwin, Tyke and I have been going on long walks during the days for a while now. We've been exploring our quartier and trying to find new streets, shops and parks to enjoy. Edwin loves being on the go and rarely makes a peep during our outings. As the weather gets warmer I get a little more adventurous—there's just something about not having to worry that my child will turn into a popsicle—and we make more plans and more outings together. 

Today I think we'll ride the metro for the first time! 

Have a great Thursday!
xo Bess


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