4 weeks old

Hello! Greetings from the couch, a spot you can generally find me in since it is the preferred place for feeding Edwin. Needless to say life has changed pretty drastically over these last 4 (!) weeks. Our little baby boy is pretty amazing and watching him grow and become more of himself everyday has been really special. The time seems to have just flown by, and it's hard to believe he's been here for 4 weeks already—to be honest I don't remember too much from the last 28 days, I guess sleep deprivation will do that to you ;)

Becoming new parents is certainly a task full of new challenges. The biggest one for me is balancing meeting all of Edwin's needs with meeting some of my own (ie, I'm still in my pj's—although I have brushed my teeth and washed my face!). My friend Claudia said that I should have 4 goals everyday: 
1. taking care of the baby 
2. taking a shower
3. taking a nap
4. eating 3 square meals

In the beginning it was definitely hard to meet all four, but lately I've been ticking them off and even accomplishing a few extras... like a wee bit of work! Speaking of work, the English Muffin shops are currently closed, but I hope to have them open again in a few weeks. Big Chuck will be taking over for me and already has been pitching new product development ideas ;) 

Eddie's ready to eat, so I'll end here for now...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!
xoxo Bess & Edwin


  1. Savor this time. It is so very special and will never be repeated. He's a beautiful boy!

  2. I adore this photo :) Glad you are doing so well - keep up the good work, especially the meals and naps! Happy mama = happy baby :) Thinking of you - hugs and kisses to you and Edwin xoxox

  3. Oh dear god, you made a beautiful child!

  4. Oh, sorry if I freaked you out with my 4 goals thing ;)
    Edwin is sssssooooo cute! Can't wait to see him again.

  5. Edwin is so handsome, and those are good tips...taking notes! (Expecting twins in July!)


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