Almost 1

Big Chuck and I had some very special visitors over the weekend, his brother and his wife and their adorable baby, T. It was so nice to spend our days and nights hanging out with them, although it did take me a full day to recover from all the excitement once they had gone! Thank goodness babies come out without knowing how to move around very much, because keeping tabs on an almost 1 year old can be pretty challenging! It made me realize that I haven't been thinking too much beyond the 3 month stage with our little guy... I sort of forgot that our house was completely un-baby-proofed and when little T was carried through the door my eyes quickly scanned our place and all the potential breakables/hazards/danger zones jumped out at me. We did however make out just fine and it was such a treat to experience that adorable smile everyday :) 

Today marks the end of my 33rd week of pregnancy. I wish I had a belly photo to share with you but that requires time and effort and just a smidge of organization, all of which I'm feeling a little low on right now. The little mental energy I can muster is being spent getting ready for the Puces Pop Holiday Show this weekend, if you're in town you should stop by—I hear there are going to be some delicious holiday treats on hand, and of course some English Muffin goodies too. 

Have a great Thursday!
xo Bess


  1. I hope that it is not going to be crazy hot at puces pop. Have fun :)

  2. that kid is too cute. hope you are feeling good. We are counting down the days for my sis too...

  3. Oh, it's easier when it's your own child and you ease into their ability to move ;) Good luck at Puces Pop! Hoe it's a great show for you

  4. Hi Bess! It was so nice meeting you at Puces Pop this past weekend - hope it wasn't too weird for you. :) I love your work! Hope to see you at another fair soon...


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