Happy Weekend!

photo by 280dg, from our wedding
Um... is it really November next week? Yikes! I hope you all enjoy your last weekend in October. Big Chuck will be hosting a little soirée chez nous this weekend. If you don't already know, Big Chuck is my personal chef extraordinaire and loves to share his passion for delicious food with others. We were doing a little menu planning last night and he acted out the opening party scene (you know, for authenticity...)

"Knock, knock.."
kiss, kiss,
"You look fabulous! Here, let me take your coat. Can I offer you a drink?"

That's how he gets his menu inspiration, and entertains his pregnant wife parked on the couch ;)

Bon weekend mes amis,
kiss, kiss,


  1. pregnant wife parked on the couch....ah ah ah ah!
    have a great weekend. xox

  2. Sounds like fun! I'm hosting a party too- maybe I can do that with my husband. ;)


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