Perfect Pairs

Perfect Pairs
1a. Rainbow Paper Straws 1b. Jotter - Technicolor
3a. If I Only Had a Heart 3b. Love is All Around, 5x7 print

I hope you're having a week filled with many perfect pairs. After last week's heat wave I must confess that the grey skies + rain we had earlier this week was a pretty perfect pair to me ;)

Have a great Thursday!
xo bess


  1. Shit, it was so hot!!! We actually rented a car (communauto) with AC just to get our hair cut in Plateau Mont-Royal one evening! Baby + bus + 45C = not good at all!!! I hope that you are doing great :) Take care xox

  2. so cute! I'm loving those straws and notebook. I may need to plan some sort of rainbow party for an excuse to use them :)


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