Canadiana: Minnow Bathers

Minnow Bathers

I won't lie, I've been dreaming about lake swimming for most of July. The weather here in Montreal has been hot and humid, and besides craving pickles and Perrier, I'm really craving a cold lake in the middle of a forest. Sigh...

I figure, the next best thing to swimming is finding a great swimsuit for when the moment finally arrives, and these suits from Minnow Bathers are both stylish and flattering. Minnow Bathers is a Toronto based swimwear line conceived by Karen Donaldson and Vanessa Warrack, renowned for their signature bold prints and striking silhouettes.

Here are my two favourites from their Etsy shop:

Minnow Bathers

the Cross Bather (check out the back!)

Minnow Bathers

and, the Tie Top Bather.

Stay cool friends :) Happy Tuesday!
xx bess


  1. They are really pretty! Love the last one!

  2. I've been dreaming of lake swimming as well. It's been so hot here I've actually resorted to swimming in Lake Ontario which is what you would call an "urban beach". Not very pleasant! Love these suits, I've been looking for a bikini just like that!

  3. These are cute! Have you found a lake? I'd love a lake... There are none in or around the Guy Concordia Campus :S


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