Where Have I Been?

On a wild and crazy adventure publishing an online magazine!

You know those moments when you realize how far you've come... they don't happen very often, especially when you work for yourself — there's no one there to pat you on the back or give you a promotion, but when I think about what I was doing this time last year, and what I am doing today, it makes me feel a real sense of accomplishment.

Working on Pure Green Magazine has been such a wonderful adventure. As I flip through the magazine I can honestly say that I am so proud of what our small but mighty team has put together, and really honoured to have been asked to lend my creative two-cents.

I would love if you would set aside a little time to explore the magazine and let us know what you think. I hope you'll love it as much as we do and find the content to be modern, inspiring, informative and most of all fun!

(and take a peek at the byline on the Eco-Logical Bee article, it's none other than Big Chuck, aka, Charles Nock, Ph.D.!!)

Happy Tuesday!
xo bess


  1. Wow, congrats-it looks amazing!

  2. Oh, how I loved reading this magazine. Just so beautiful, full of green ideas and articles. How great you've been creating it all!

  3. Congrats Bess - it looks amazing!!

  4. really wonderful job! beautiful, cohesive, and informative. thought i would quickly thumb through it, but ended up wanting to bookmark everything. would it be possible to add more links directly from the pages?

  5. Hi Bess,
    Started following your blog a little while ago - and I just think it is great! The Pure Green Magazine was super - I will definitely revisit it :)


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