In the garden...


A couple weekends ago, Big Chuck and I planted the seeds for what we hope will soon become a beautiful and lush garden on our back patio. I'm happy to report that our little seedlings are doing well (especially the peas and beans - whoa!) and if this torrential rain ever stops maybe we can get our fingers dirty again this weekend.

I was listening to a program on CBC Radio yesterday and the host was speaking with a scientist who is researching why green spaces calm us down. Apparently, the front part of our brain (I don't know the scientific name) is hardwired to appreciate beautiful vistas and greenery. I plan on spending lots of time this weekend looking at trees after a long week staring at my computer screen.

Have a happy weekend!
xo Bess


  1. Now I know where the Jack and the beanstalk story came from. They really take off!

  2. I love creating my own little sacred green space on my balcony - it's definitely soothing, and I think it's especially important for us city dwellers to get our hands in the earth every once in a while!


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