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Chotto Omoshiroi Poster
(My Chotto Omoshiroi Poster arrived!!)

I was looking through my iPhone's photo album last night and thinking that it's amazing how easily we can document so many of life's moments these days. Up until a few years ago these little snippets would have just passed most of us by. They're not the most important moments in my life, but they are the little daily sparks of beauty that now just beg to be snapped, photo-filtered and shared.

Indoor Gardening
(Charles transplanting and fertilizing our basil plant.)

Flowers from Anile
(Birthday daffodils from my sweet friend Anile, in my favourite Alvar Aalto vase.)

We Love Curry!
(Michelle and Conrad and their curry kids. I love a family who loves curry!)

Hubby's specs
(My clipboard and Charlie's glasses on our coffee table.)

Have a wonderful weekend :)
oxo bess

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  1. Such great photographs! I adore all of the flowers!



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