Today I'd like to turn the English Muffin Blog over to my friend, Linda. Linda is a jewelry and fashion designer from Toronto and is currently selling adorable bicycle necklaces to raise money for cancer research. You can read her story below and learn about the epic bicycle ride her friends and family will take in honour of her Uncle Joe.

I bought a bicycle necklace from Linda last year and love it!

Hi Friends,
Bess was kind enough to give me a spot on her blog to tell you about my bicycle necklaces. In 2009 my uncle (my mom’s brother) was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor and it shook my family hard. In response to all this, my uncle was determined to have a goal to help him fight his cancer. He decided to sign up for an epic 200km ride from Toronto to Niagara Falls (Ontario, Canada). The ride is called The Ride to Conquer Cancer.

Soon after signing up, my cousin (my uncle’s son) signed up too, then another cousin, then his brother, then a long time friend and another friend after that. The team was six members strong and ended up raising $40,000.

In April 2010, my uncle lost his battle with cancer and left us with his legacy and memory at the young age of 51. Another son of his then decided to ride in his place. I always wanted to take the journey myself, but because of the lack of funds, I cannot. A proper bike and equipment would set me back, so instead I decided to stick to helping fundraise. I came up with the idea to make these bicycle necklaces and sell them with 100% of the profits going directly to our ride team, “GoJoeGo”, which this year has 14 members. You can read about last year's ride here.

Linda's Bicycle Necklaces

If you would like to purchase a bicycle necklace and help raise money to support our team, please visit my online shop. The necklaces are $15 each and shipping is included, once paid I will ship them out to you. Last year I managed to raise a cool $2500 for the team and with 300 necklaces made (there's a small workshop in my living room) I intend to sell them all off and raise even more money this year. If interested please visit my online shop, or you can email me directly at lindawyatt [at] rogers [dot] com. All payments to go through Paypal.

Thank you in advance for your support!


  1. They are gorgeous! They look so delicate and cute! Keep up the good work, Linda!


  2. What a magnificent idea... I've also had a loved one pass away from cancer, so thank you for furthering this great great fundraising effort!

  3. Beautiful! My fiancé did the Ride last year. I'm off to buy one of these, a cute necklace for a great cause!

  4. This is such a sad and beautiful story. I love the necklace and have to set up a paypal account just to get one.


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