Canadiana: Dear Edna

If June Cleaver was my mom, I would definitely buy her one of Dear Edna's beautiful aprons for Mother's Day. The only problem is my mother, while absolutely the best mom on earth, is not really the June Cleaver type. Yesterday, she emailed me to ask for a recipe to make chicken (it's not that bad - she is a vegetarian). I forwarded said email to my personal chef, Big Chuck to field. I guess the apple doesn't really fall too far from the tree.

Dear Edna

But enough about June Cleaver! Let's be honest, the lovely creations in Dear Edna's Etsy shop would be coveted by anyone who's ever stepped foot in a kitchen. Erin McIntosh creates, sews, prints and paints her one-of-a-kind accessories from her home in Hamilton, Ontario. Dear Edna believes in stylish practicality and versatility, without sacrificing on durability or quality. I imagine doing the dishes would be so much more fun in one of her aprons!
You can find more of Erin's lovely designs in her Etsy shop.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
xo Bess


  1. Can we make aprons the new fashion accessory?

  2. Thanks so much Bess! You've got me blushing over here.


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