Show time

Puces Pop

This first week of March is promising to be an exciting one. On March 5th & 6th I will be participating in my first craft show - Puces Pop, here in Montreal. So, I've got a big list of things to do between now and Saturday morning.

I'm already feeling a bit nervous, wondering if I have enough product, worrying about how to display everything, and trying not to forget important details - like price tags and change! If you've done a craft show before and have any tips, I'd love to hear them.

And... if you're in Montreal this weekend it would be great to see you! Do stop by and say hi. Here's a list of other vendors that will be at the show.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
xx bess


  1. Good luck Bess. I am sure you will rock it. Can't wait to see photos of your booth. I know it'll be a stunner!

  2. This is insanely exciting. I will be the number one fangirl floating around your table :) Can't wait to see your setup!! I know it will be amazing. xo

  3. best of luck Bess, you'll be such a hit! wish I could pop by to say hello! please do take pics, would love to see your set up.

  4. Good luck, I'm sure you'll do great! I hope I get a chance to stop by : )

  5. I've said it already, but what's one more... GOOD LUCK! You're my craft show guinea pig - I expect a full report. Haha! I'll be thinking of you this weekend. xo

  6. Thanks so much ladies!! Looking forward to seeing some of you there :) xox

    @Erin - I'll have a full report on your desk by Monday morning... or Tuesday ;) xo


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