Just popping in to say...

...that it's an exciting day here at English Muffin!

Etsy - Hindsvik Video Stills - 5
(still from "There's No Place Like Here" Etsy video)

Firstly, the sun is shining and the temperature has risen above 0˚C - gasp!

Secondly, the lovely Alex & Mina from Sending Postcards are featuring the English Muffin Shop on their blog and we're giving away a Map Print. Go enter!

Thirdly, I'm still over at the Pure Green Magazine blog. Today's post is about the wonderful and creative things you can do with a boring old wooden pallet. You'll be shocked (and awed). And yesterday I posted the awesome video of Pure Green contributors Hindsvik shot by Etsy. Another goodie!

Have a great Thursday!
xo bess

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