Winter Weekend


This week had me a little out of sorts. It's hard to come out of such a busy, productive and exciting time like the holidays to a month of very little activity. Well that's not true, there's lots of work to be done, just not much cash to be had. But you know what? After a couple of shaky days I'm back on track. I knew that January would be quiet, so I have decided that I will not make another penny for the rest of the month. That's cool with me. I expect no money, and it makes me feel better already. Because now I can focus on getting work done, work that will in the future pay off. Thank you, friends and family, for listening to my woes and my short lived plans of becoming a scientist.

I hope you have a stellar Winter weekend.
xx bess

ps. That's my sister's boyfriend, PB, in the bright red Canada Goose along with Big Chuck, Tyke and our family dog Macy, having fun on the ice at the cottage.


  1. This is the attitude I like! :)

    Have a nice week-end!

  2. good for you! have a great weekend Bess!

    oh how I miss going to the cottage....

  3. i like your blog.you should follow mine..


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