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This past week has been a pretty fun one (besides getting sick - again). Last weekend I attended a meeting with Céline and Jonathan MacKay, the duo behind Sustain as well as their latest project, Pure Green Magazine. They came all the way to Montreal from Ontario to meet with myself, Michelle, Anile and Marie-Eve. I won't go into too many details, but sufficient to say this project has got me super excited and dreaming about all the wonderful possibilities for Pure Green Magazine. If you haven't checked out their winter issue yet, you can find it here. Céline, the editor-in-chief wrote a great little blog post about our first meeting too, lots more photos there.

Also this past week, Big Chuck and I finally got around to tackling our birch bark project ('member that?). I posted a sneak peek on Twitter and Facebook, so if you follow me you know what I'm talking about. The project is almost done, just have to figure out how to hang it. More details to come...

I hope you have a great weekend! It's supposed to be a cold one here, -20C on Sunday, anyone?

Stay warm,
xx bess

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  1. How exciting! Pure Green Living magazine looks amazing!


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