Canadiana: Granted Clothing


Independently run family business, passed from parents to children… operating in Vancouver BC… classic sweaters and accessories… traditional knitting methods… 100% wool. Need I say more? Oh yah, sweaters for dogs too.


Have you heard of Granted Clothing before? I hadn't! So thank goodness my mom forwarded me the link last night. I fell in love with all of these beautiful wool pieces and then fell even further in love when I read that the brother and sister designing duo are proud to call all their sweaters and accessories genuinely Canadian made.

There are too many great pieces in the collection to get into here, like the ode to David Suzuki sweater, so really I just recommend you check out their shop.

Have a warm and cozy Tuesday!
xo bess

(images via Granted Clothing)


  1. I could totally go for one of those sweaters, and hat, and gloves, and leg warmers... Too cute Bess and YAY Bess' Mum!

  2. I've been wanting a cowichan or something close to for so long. Hard to find great ones, these are fabulous. Thanks for sharing Bess.

  3. I love those leg warmers, the pompoms are too cute!

  4. So happy you posted about these sibling. What great stuff. Can't believe I haven't heard of them before now. Love so many things!


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