Music Monday: Sade

Why hello Music Monday, haven't seen you in while!

Big Chuck and I have really been loving Sade's latest album, Soldier of Love. It took us a while to warm up to this album, when we first heard it we both agreed that it didn't stand up to some of our favourite Sade classics. However, since we gave it another listen a few weeks ago, we've basically had it on repeat.

Babyfather is one of the goodies, love the warm and colourful video too.

Have a great Monday!
xx bess

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  1. Hi, Bess
    Have followed your blog now and then, I really like your blog but of some stupid reason, I haven't written any comments before. But now I just have to tell you that I have loved her voice since I heard The Sweetest Taboo in the Eighties.


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