Wise Words

Whenever I hear or read a great quote I scribble it down on whatever piece of paper I have handy. I store those random pieces of paper away for the days when I will need a thoughtful / motivational / honest / tried and true phrase to turn to, to get my bum in gear and plant my feet firmly back down in positive-land. Truth be told though, when I'm feeling low I never reach for these little words of wisdom. I forget about them, perhaps knowing in my heart that they're not much use to me at the present moment, that when they really come in handy is when I'm already in that positive kick-butt mentality, when I feel like beating my chest, climbing the mast and yelling to the open skies to bring it on - is that all you've got?! (Channeling Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump)

Those thoughtful words quickly written on a bit of paper reinforce the feeling that yes, gosh darn it, I am doing what I'm meant to be doing, and whoever this wise man or woman was who wrote such a poignant phrase, well they think so too.

Last night while on Facebook, I read my good friend Nikki's status:

I love the no b.s. - no excuses - just do it-ness of that statement. It's powerful and achievable and just what I want to hear today.

She also posted the link to the song, Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise by The Avett Brothers, where the quote came from. The video is beautiful and mesmerizing.

Thanks for the inspiration Nikki!

Have a wonderful Thursday,
xx bess


  1. The Avett Brothers are one of my favourite bands, and that song is one of my favourites of theirs, and that QUOTE is one of my ALL TIME faves!

    Do you know the story behind the video? It's one painting that's been altered thousands of times. Each second = 6 changes to the painting. Pretty cool, hey?

  2. So beautiful and what a video! Thanks for posting!


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