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Yesterday The English Muffin Blog, along with our good friend, Lake Jane, got a lovely nod in both the La Presse newspaper and on their Cyberpresse.ca website from arts and culture maven Catherine Pogonat. Merci Catherine!
I checked my Google Analytics this morning and saw a huge bump in readers yesterday, so welcome and bienvenue to all the new folks!

chez snips2

Last night, after a fun press day, I went to get my hair done/did at Nadyne Kasta's perfect little hair studio, Chez Snips. It was my second visit to Nadyne's, and I am so in love with her and her space that I was inspired to share a few photos of Chez Snips with you. The decor is light and bright, just like Nadyne, and sitting in the vintage airplane (?) seat complete with built in ashtray (not that anyone uses it) is worth the trip alone.

chez snips1

Chez Snips is located at 5460 St-Denis, Montreal / (514) 270-0114
You can get more information about Nadyne's services and pricelist by checking out Chez Snips' website here.

Have a wonderful Friday, and a relaxing weekend!
xo bess

Photos: Chez Snips


  1. What a fantastic space! What? No picture of the new do? ; )

    happy weekend, Bess :)

  2. Ooh Chez Snips looks like a fun place to get your hair cut! I'm currently looking for a new hairstylist I can trust in Hamilton. Sometimes the trip into Toronto seems too much for a haircut, y'know?

  3. Thanks so much for posting this! I just moved here and was nervous about finding a new place. Hopefully, I'll get around to booking an appointment before the holidays.

  4. @ mina: Welcome to Montreal!! You should definitely give Nadyne a call, she's such a sweetheart - and, of course, a wonderful hairdresser ;)


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