Canadiana: Lawrie McIntosh & The Canadian Animal Series



I was perusing the Design Exchange shop the other day with Big Chuck and we came across these beautiful paper folded animals called, Canadian Animal Series by artist Lawrie McIntosh.

The DX website does a wonderful job explaining the history of this series:

"The Canadian Animal Series began in 1960 when the province of Manitoba sponsored a Canadian souvenir competition in anticipation of the national centennial in 1967. Industrial designer Lawrie McIntosh entered and won the competition with a series of animal figures that were created by folded sheets of vinyl. Larger copper versions of the award-winning animals were sold across Canada throughout the 1970s, selling over 1000 units.

Four decades later, a third series of animals is now available. This series can be purchased as a PDF file that is printed at home on card stock and then folded and glued by the user. Series 3 celebrates the fiftieth anniversary of this award-winning design."

Interested in more info? Check out this video featuring the artist himself talking about the history and development of the Canadian Animal Series.

I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday! (there's still 1 hour left ;)
xo bess

images via Design Exchange

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