2 things


On this rainy Friday afternoon, I've just got a couple things I'd like to say...

1) Happy Weekend
I wish you a cozy, cup of tea drinking, magazine reading, country walking, rubber boot wearing, chocolate eating weekend. Or whatever version of weekend perfection suits you.

2) Thank You
Thank you to all the people in my life who encourage, inspire, support and yell go Bess!
Thank you to those of you who approach me with great new ideas and opportunities.
Thank you to those of you who really don't know what I'm doing but love me nonetheless.
Thank you to Big Chuck who switches hats from scientist to courier to art director to small business CEO to life coach to financial advisor every time I need him too.
Thank you to Tyke, my 24/7 companion and mail dog.

xo bess


  1. This is such a sweet post! Bess, you're GREAT! Happy weekend to you too!

  2. What version of weekend. Well I like nice warm and sunny weekends with long breakfast outside, lots of good coffee and some drinks in the evening.

  3. Love this post, Bess. I wish I had read it on Friday, when I was SO needing to be reminded of everything I am thankful for. I had a great weekend learning new things, spending time with family, and recharging my batteries. I hope you had a great one too! xo


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