Canadiana: Marianne Chénard

marianne chenard

Big Chuck and I were walking through Old Montreal last week and we came across a great little shop called Zone Orange. They had a wonderful selection of Canadian design, and I just loved these little maple syrup containers by Marianne Chénard. They come in all different patterns, and in two different sizes. This one (see below) with the sled is my fave. Perhaps this is a good time to start making my Christmas list...

marianne chenard

Does it get any more Canadian than this, I mean really?! You can see more of Marianne's work on her website, www.mariannechenard.com

Have a wonderful Tuesday!
xo bess

(image 1: Marianne Chénard, image 2: Bess Callard)

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  1. I love it! I'm definitely going to check out that store when I get back to Montreal : )


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