Small Business, Small Steps: Pressure's on


I find I work best under pressure. That's probably true for a lot of us entrepreneurs/perfectionists. There's something very motivating and freeing about watching the seconds tick down to a deadline. Knowing that whatever choices you make are final and not allowing yourself to, or having the time to, second guess. Of course, I don't enjoy being in the situation where I run out of time and can't produce a quality piece of work, but when the stars align and the majority of the grunt work has already been done, forcing myself to sit down and complete the project can feel extremely rewarding and productive.

I should really hire a scary boss type to demand work be completed on time, I'd get a lot more done at English Muffin!

Have a productive Wednesday!

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  1. Having a deadline either completely stresses me out almost to the point of immobilisation or it gets me fired up to go for it . . . I never know which way it's going to go.


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