Canadiana: Radio Canada


Does it get any more Canadian than this?

Well maybe, if there was a beer drinking moose in the shot relaxing next to a pristine lake while listening to the hockey game on this gorgeous Radio Canada and sporting a plaid shirt, maybe then - but I think this is pretty close. I don't know if you know, but I love the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) and am a religious Radio One listener, even to the gardening shows and the dreaded "Between the Covers" - not as exciting as it sounds, it's about books.

How happy my little life would be to have a Radio Canada radio, designed by Science + Sons, sitting next to me while I design the day away... unfortunately it's still just a prototype :(

Have a happy Tuesday!

(images: Science + Sons)


  1. it's beautiful. we are big cbc listeners.

  2. LOVE this radio - I wish it wasn't a prototype!! I'm a big cbc listener too!

  3. How lovely! Now if only CBCR3 was on the radio and not just online...

  4. Oh I love love love this radio. Saw it at IDS, and hope that it becomes available. Also, I agree with Kate. What is up with CBCR3. I listen in the car mostly, not on the internet!


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