Small Business, Small Steps: Hiatus

Le Boulevard

My Etsy shop is closed (temporarily), I forgot to do a Canadian Tuesday blog post yesterday, I haven't dropped off a parcel at the post office or picked up an order at the printer's in what feels like weeks - and of course, I didn't do any of my homework. English Muffin is effectively on hold for the moment as I try to find Big Chuck, Tyke and I, a place to live in Montreal.

So.... if any of you lovely readers know of a smashing apartment that is coming up for rent for July 1st, that accepts dogs, please let me know - I will forever be in your debt!

I'm sorry I have no business-y stuff to share today. I hope yours is thriving :)

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Great photograph. Good luck finding an apartment.

  2. Bonne chance in Montreal! I really like your small business, small steps series. I have to go back and read all those posts. Thanks!

  3. @ Noodles and Waffles: how cute is your name?! Thanks :)

    @ Elizabeth: Merci! I'm so glad you like the series, sorry today's was such a dud ;)


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