Mission Accomplished

Jacques Cartier bridge

Well, I did it! Mission accomplished. I've secured Big Chuck, Tyke and I a great new apartment in Montreal, Ville-Marie to be exact. Above is a photo of the Jacques Cartier Bridge which is just a short walk from our new place. I think it's so pretty.

The new place pretty much fulfills all the requirements on our must-have list. It's got a big, awesome kitchen (with non-slamming drawers!!), outdoor space (a mini backyard), dog-friendly (although it does say animals are forbidden in our lease, but they made an exception, Tyke better be on his best behaviour!!), 2 bedrooms (one to sleep in, and one as an office / guest room), 2 bathrooms (not originally on the list, but I'll take it), washer / dryer and dishwasher, close to Big Chuck's new university, close to some outdoor fruit and veggie markets, and last but not least two great guys as our landlords. July 1st is our move in date, so I've got lots of organizing and planning to do in the meantime.




Now that my mission has been accomplished, I'm heading back to Toronto. I'll be spending today on a bus (7 hour trip!).

Have a great Tuesday,


  1. Yah, so glad you found a place. Moving can be stressful. The worst is over.


  2. ooo, how exciting! congratulations on your new place! great photos!

  3. Yay! Glad you found a great place. I bet rent is super cheap too! Gah! Jealous!

  4. Yay, good news! :) Have a safe trip!

  5. Congratulations! It sounds like you found a wonderful place. I'm having the toughest time finding an apartment for my cross-country move (less than 2 months away!). I'm praying I have your good luck! I love the cremerie picture. Such cute colors!

  6. Welcome to Montreal! You'll be here just in time for all the lovely festivals. Take care!!

  7. Thanks for all the warm wishes everyone!
    x bess

  8. Awesome!!

    Welcome over here and brace yourself: everyone moves on July 1st in this city, it can be a longggg day, but you'll now be part of the tradition :)

  9. Oh!!! Welcome to Montreal :) Ville-Marie is great: full of activities, great restaurants and interesting people. Maybe we will see each other...I have a vintage blue bike and a bike helmet with a gold fish pattern on it (yeah, don't judge me!). I'm in Hochelaga.



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