I'll miss you too


One of the best parts of about teaching is saying goodbye. (I don't mean that the way it sounds.) Of course, it's sad to say goodbye to students, but in the grand scheme of things you're just a stepping stone on their journey and when it comes to a close it should be a happy event and not a sad one. What I find so rewarding about this last exchange, is when they share with you what your time in their classroom really meant to them. I think teaching can at times be a bit one sided at times. Every time I go into the classroom, my goal is for the kids to have a positive experience and for them to know that I am there to help them, and cheer for them, and be open to whatever they throw (sometimes literally) my way. Kids on the other hand, are not so concerned with the experience that I am having at the front of the room. That's why it's so nice to hear, and see, at the end of our time together that all my hard work and energy really did pay off. They really did learn something - and they had a fun time doing it.

I got piles and piles of cards and pictures from students during this, my last week of classes. Below are a few of my faves.


"Bess I love you
And Bess I hope that you
arrive home safely and
please Bess: call me
when you are there. Mama's
telephone number -----
home number ----- "

I totally would call, except this grade 1 student forgot to leave his/her name. Darn it.


This ship drawing is by one of my favourite students in grade 3. He rarely speaks and has a learning disability. He spends the entire class drawing and colouring in the most intense and mesmerizing way I have ever seen. I'm telling you, this boy is destined to be a great artist.


I got a chuckle out of Donald Dack.

Hope you have a day full of hugs and kisses and pictures from kids in the near future.

Happy Friday!


  1. Awww. Cuteness! It´s your last weekend in Vienna, right? Wishing you a safe journey!!

  2. Aw, that must have been so touching!! That would be so rewarding, needless to say I never get feedback like that in marketing. ;)

    xx Caroline

  3. Safe journey, Bess.....I am looking forward to postings in the New World.

  4. Those are so cute, they'd have me blubbing. I hate goodbyes, even happy ones. :0)

  5. @ Katrin: Yep, I leave on Tuesday. Thanks for the well wishes!

    @ Caroline: It was! We should start a grown-up movement of saying thank you with hand drawn pictures. (preferably featuring stick people)

    @ Charles: me too.

    @ smartcat: Thanks! You're so funny - yes, stay tuned for posting from the 'new world' ;)

    @ Dyche Designs: I hate goodbyes too. They make me feel so uneasy, so I prefer to avoid them, or make them happy ones.

  6. aww!!! So sweet!!!!

    I got a bunch of them when I left Japan too. Those Japanese kids could really draw and I cherish all of them.

  7. That is too much! How wonderful to be doted on with so much love. Being separated from loved ones sometimes is a blessing because it gives you an opportunity to say how much you appreciate one another. I hope you are enjoying your last moments with these people to the fullest!

  8. So sweet!! I love being a teacher! The calling is to touch their lives & help them grow & I am always amazed (& a little teary eyed) at the end of the year at what THE STUDENTS have taught me! Safe travels!! =)

  9. Really sweet! Have a safe journey!

  10. Well done, blog.

    Those drawings are about as good as I could do.

    Russ (via Blogger Next Blog)


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