Goodbye... Hello!

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It's so nice to be back. I feel like I haven't written a proper blog post in ages. After a week of teaching English Easter Camp and then a nice three day long weekend, I am refreshed, recharged and soooo excited.

I have some really great news to share with you. In exactly 3 weeks, I, along with Tyke (our dog) will be on a plane bound for Toronto, Canada. Big Chuck has secured himself a new job in Montréal and I'm heading over first to do some re-con work (ie, find us a place to live). It's amazing that three years in Vienna is almost up (time flies!!!), and that the European chapter of our lives is coming to a close (at least for now). It's been quite the experience and I think we've both grown a lot since arriving here. So much has happened... we can now claim to speak German, we visited some of Europe's most wonderful cities, we are returning engaged (!), English Muffin was born here, we've made some great friends and had some great times. It's going to be sad to leave... but only for a minute, because we're both so excited for the next chapter to begin.

I'm so happy the cat is out of the bag. We've known about the move for a couple months now, but mum was the word until Big Chuck gave the official go ahead for me to announce it to the internet. Now I can shamelessly solicit all of your favourite Montréal shops, restaurants and tips.

Bonne Journée!


  1. Yah, so happy your Canada bound. Though it may not be TO, I'm sure at some point, we can arrange a meet-up! I should be heading to Montreal during the summer. Have a safe trip!


  2. DO you drink coffee? I'm scared to

  3. Thanks, Adele. A meet up would be great. I'll be in touch once I'm on the other side of the ocean :)

    Linda, you shouldn't be afraid of brunch - it's only the best meal of the day! But I'm up for anything, we'll discuss ;)

  4. Congrats you guys...glad to have you back

  5. What? Why? Noooo! Not another one leaving Vienna! What is it these days? But yay for you! You sound excited and I totally understand. Hip hip!

  6. EXCITING! Yet sad to have you leaving our little continent...

    Good luck!

  7. Congratulations! That is very exciting for you. To be honest, my husband is waiting on similar news that might take us to new and exciting places but I haven't been able to discuss it much either. It's hard. I feel ya!

    I've always wanted to visit Montreal...I hear it is absolutely amazing. I say you snap some photos of the places you find when visiting and share with us!

  8. That's wonderful!! It seems like everyone is moving! I just learned I'll be off to San Jose this fall as my boyfriend pursues his MFA in photography. I'm so impressed you kept quiet for this long. I would never have been able to keep it in. I wish you the best of packing!!

  9. Yay! Congrats congrats! I have been nudging my S in the gut for the last 5 months to get our butts to Montreal!!!!!

  10. Congratulations! There was a hint a few weeks back, but you didn't elaborate.
    My daughter back in Canada pointed me in the direction of your blog, and I check in from time to time.
    I'm about as creative as a post, so I do find it fun to see the creativity in others.

    We have less than forty days until we go to Canada, but only for a visit. We'll be in Vienna for at least another year and a half. I guess the novelty hasn't worn off yet.
    There are still moments of "Heimwey" though, especially at a time like Easter.
    Montreal should be fun. I've only visited.
    Happy Spring!

    Best to you.


  11. hi bess,

    that's wonderful news! i've been reading your blog for a while now and am inspired by it all the time. you might remember me from your christmas card contest. i'm in montreal so if you need any help (finding a place, i have a few friends advertising, for example) once you arrive, let me know.

    happy moving!


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