Canadiana: Noémiah Bijoux


I came across Noémiah's jewelry shop on Etsy a long time ago. That's why I was so surprised when I went through my bookmarks of Canadian designers that I had yet to feature her here on the blog. Well, better late than never as they say!

Noémie Vaillancourt is the Montréal based designer behind these lovely necklaces and earrings. As you can see from the photos of her work, she is endlessly inspired by the delicate nature of feathers and the beautiful and original ways they can be used in jewelry. I am not someone who wears a lot of accessories, but I would love one of those super long necklaces, they're so cool!

To see more from Noémiah you can visit her website, Etsy shop or follow her on facebook or twitter.

Have a great Tuesday!

(images: Noémiah)


  1. I love Noémiah's work as well! Very inspiring and delicate, quite unique:)

  2. I have one of her necklaces and loooove it! :)

  3. @ Patricia Wood : Isn't it great. I love how her pieces are delicate like you said but also have an edge to them. Thanks for reading!

    @ Katrin : That's awesome! Sooooo envious ;)


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