Canadiana: Hh - À Hauteur d'homme

1. + 2. Arthur 3. Geneviève 4. Bruno

A few weeks ago, Kate, from one of my favourite blogs, the goodie life, posted about this great company in Montréal called, Hh - À Hauteur d'homme. They produce furniture from local and ecologically sustainable (FSC certified) Quebec wood. They have a policy that for every tree they use they plant a new one, and believe that in a world of mass produced, larger than life goods, we should respect nature and see it as our equal. They have a wonderful manifesto on their website (in french) if you want to read more.

Combined with their wonderful philosophy, is a modern and simple line of furniture. I love the Arthur support, perfect for a kitchen or office table (also - a great price!). Bruno is adorable, I'd use him as a side table and of course he would double nicely as a stool when we have company over.

I can't wait to check out the rest of their pieces at the shop that Kate recommended in Montréal, Buk & Nola.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. It's like a really well made ikea! The style is so simplistic and fabulous. The wood is just gorgeous.

  2. @Bethany Dirksen: lol, really really well made IKEA! I know, I love it too!

  3. wait til you see it in person bess! it's heavenly. xo kate


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