Small Business, Small Steps: Faves


No new Small Business, Small Steps post today, but don't be too sad, I'm going to share a couple of my favourite small biz links with you, so you can get your fix anyway.

I'm not being lazy - I still love writing this series, it's just that there are some small people between the ages of 8 and 13 who have been sucking all the energy out of me at a fun event I like to call English Easter Camp. So, while I'm tackling prepositions and painting clay pots, you can check out these small biz goodies...

The Etsy Success Reading List - love these!
week 6 (most recent)

Craft MBA - can't get enough, great series on designing "sticky" products

Creative Thursday - I am a Thriving Artist (me too!)

Have a great Wednesday!

(photo credit: clumsy bird)

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  1. Oh thank you for linking to the Etsy Success Reading Lists! I'm working on last week's reading list now (a little late, I know!).



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