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I have always been a fan of the work coming out of Vancouver based designer Sharilyn'slovelydesign studio. Her talent for mixing and matching colours and patterns, and her clean design aesthetic are definitely my cup of tea.

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Way back in September 2008 I featured her Beautiful Leaves of Canada poster that at the time was sold out. Good news though, it's available once again in her shop! Also in her shop these days are those gorgeous wooden address files that can be ordered in both maple and black walnut. I'm pretty sure I read on her blog at one point that her dad makes them for her, so sweet! Do you think it's too early for me to drop hints for next year's birthday present? Imagine how pretty a black walnut address file would look on my white English Muffin desk. And then I could flip through all the assorted cards to find your address and write you a thank you note, a for-me-for-you gift!

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You can see more of lovelydesign by visiting:

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

(photos: lovelydesign)


  1. Thanks for another lovely post. I love making organisation colourful & fun.


  2. What an interesting site! The address file is beautiful - I might get one myself!

  3. That address file is seriously pure heaven. I love her use of color, visually it does everything right for me!!

  4. simply beautiful! Thanks for showcasing such a wonderful talented artisan!

  5. I thought I was the only one who believed in getting gifts for-me-for-you...Good Luck getting such a stunning address file for your birthday!

  6. ooo, such lovely colours. Love those little bundles of paper samplers. what a treat that would be to get in the post!


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