We make a good pair

1. wooden heart 2. candy hearts

1. teacup & saucer 2. cupcakes

1. twill tape 2. xoxo pencils

Peas + carrots, Forest + Jenny, chocolate + strawberries, me + you
Some things are best enjoyed together.
How about you? What pairings do you enjoy the most?

Happy Thursday :)


  1. I am always a sucker for cupcakes but nothing will ever beat office supplies. What a gorgeous post and perfect pairings.
    Happy Thursday!

  2. wondering if you can get candy hearts in Austria?! i imagine valentine's day would be a little more toned down (commercially) over there than it is here in the us!!! i loved those mozart chocolates when i was in salzberg =)

  3. I'm with pen.ny - cupcakes are great but, oooooh, office supplies.

    In an etsy frame of mind, I love...

    Honey-colored wooden pants hangers

    + sassy modern screenprints

    Crummy photo of these in progress at my apartment: http://img131.yfrog.com/i/a46.jpg/

    If it had to be food, though, it's peppermint creme + chocolate. Can't find mint chocolates anywhere in Vienna that I've seen. My husband brought me some fancy Swedish ones from a trip, but they went fast :)

  4. @pen.ny: agree 100%! there's nothing like going to the office supply store ;)

    @lastminutemel: you know, you're right. v-day is much less commercial here. the stores are currently decorated to celebrate "fashings" or carnival. not sure about the candy hearts... will keep my eyes open ;)

    @amy: i love those wooden hangers and how you used them in your place - super idea!! peppermint and chocolate all. the. way!! I was addicted to peppermint-chocolate ice cream as a kid.


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