Music Wednesday : Aloe Blacc

What? Music Wednesday? I know, I'm crazy, but just go with it.

Aloe Blacc - Shine Through

Aloe Blacc's album, Shine Through is full of great tunes that you'll be humming all day long. Big Chuck has recommended artists off of the Stones Throw Record label before and they've always been great, Aloe Blacc is no exception. You can listen to samples from his latest album on the Stones Throw website. May I recommend you jump down to #14 I'm Beautiful to begin, and then up to #7 Dance for Life to get those hips a shakin' and then further on up to #4 Busking to hear a little ditty about waiting for the bus (a tune I can really relate to).

The full version of I'm Beautiful and Busking, via YouTube.

Have a great Wednesday!

image via Stones Throw Records

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