Music Monday : k.d. lang


After k.d. lang's amazing performance of Leonard Cohen's moving song, Hallelujah, at the Vancouver 2010 Opening Ceremonies, I felt it only made sense to devote today's Music Monday post to the wonderfully talented Ms. Lang.

The timing of her performance on Friday coincides with the release of her new album, Recollection, a double CD of many of our old favourites and some new, previously unreleased, tracks. I have to admit that my resident music aficionado (Big Chuck) and I disagree quite strongly on the subject of k.d. lang. I had to wait until he was out of the house to listen to her new album in full at the volume which I felt it deserved. For me, her voice is warm and weathered, powerful yet understated. I love listening to her sing just about anything, but Canadian classics, like those on her earlier album Hymns of the 49th Parallel, can - just like the lighting of the Olympic torch, make me teary.

But alas, you should judge for yourself. You can preview her entire Recollection album on iTunes or via her website here.

Have a wonderful Monday, and I'd love to hear where you come down on the issue, "to k.d., or not to k.d.?"

(photos from k.d. lang.com)


  1. How appropriate to feature K.D. I already downloaded the Vancouver version of Hallelujah. I'm so thrilled that the Canadian Olympic organizer gave her the world stage.

  2. Haven't heard of her until Vancouver, sorry! but i will try to listen to her album since you recommend it


  3. She's such a powerful singer. I've always loved her music.


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