Working weekend


Not much to report from the desk of English Muffin this Monday morning. I was all geared up on Friday for a big winter storm (50 - 80 cm of snow was predicted) that never materialized, it all came as rain instead. Needless to say we didn't venture to far from home. Both Big Chuck and I have some big projects on the go so we took advantage of the time to do some work. I got to listen to his presentation on tree rings (way over my head) a couple of times, and he got to listen to me go back and forth on a design project I can't seem to settle on. I'm designing my best-friend's wedding stationary and website and I want it to be perfect. The "problem" is that she loves everything I do and has basically given me free reign! So every five minutes I end up re-designing what I have so far. Do you ever find that? The less restrictions you have the more unsettled you are with your work? Don't get me wrong, I love working on it and more importantly being a part of her big day.

How about you? Did you do anything exciting this weekend?

Happy Monday :)

ps. Aren't those snowflakes amazing? I wish I could make magic like that with a pair of scissors and a piece of paper.

(photos: Decision Snowflakes)


  1. ohhh exciting. I would like to see what you have done so far.

  2. I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog, it is a great find that I can't wait to add to my list! I am so looking forward to making it a daily:)

  3. I went pendant hunting for my new "pendantless chain", but wasn't quite fruitful. Your blog is quite lovely, I've linked it in mine if you don't mind.



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