friday flickr faves

Friday Flickr Faves

I needed a little bit of cheering up this morning so I decided to play the favourites game on Flickr. You can check out all my faves right here. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have invented this little game, but let's pretend it's my very own bright idea.

Step 1: See a beautiful photo and click "Add to Faves"
Step 2: Click over to that photographer's Flickr page
Step 3: Click on their Favourites and add a new fave from their list to yours
Step 4: Repeat

A sure fire way to find some really great new photos on Flickr.

We're heading to a "Christmas Party" tonight, I know... I thought the holiday season was behind us too! Big Chuck's professor has a post-Christmas party every year around this time, apparently it's a tradition. Better start brushing up on my German!

Und du? (And you?) Any plans for the weekend?

Have a great weekend :)


  1. I prefer having plan-less weekends. That's the deal for me this weekend...minus a Saturday appointment. Happy weekend.

  2. I love your blog...such wonderful eye-candy! :-)
    I'll be repainting my kitchen this weekend. Hopefully the fact that I always have four little "helpers" doesn't effect my end product. ;-)

  3. have a great weekend ladies!
    stephanie: welcome :) thanks so much for stopping by :)


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