Museum Fun

Let me just start by apologizing for neglecting my blogging duties yesterday. I hope you weren't too disappointed. Don't worry, nothing's wrong, I just ran out of time. We were out Wednesday night celebrating a friend's birthday and didn't get home till late, and Thursdays are my crazy run around the city teaching Kindergarten days, so unfortunately no blog post. Oh well, I hope today's content makes up for it.

On Monday it was Austria's National Day and we had a day off. To celebrate we decided to venture out to a few of the free museums. Charles (I refuse to continue calling him "Big Chuck" on the blog) took some amazing pictures at the Globe Museum where the lighting was killer, and I took some at the Esperanto Museum. We didn't really know what to expect, but I must say we were pleasantly surprised.

Globe Museum, Vienna

Globe Museum, Vienna

Esperanto Museum, Vienna

Austrian National Day would not be complete without visiting the military display in Heldenplatz.

Military Display, Heldenplatz Vienna
photos: Bess Callard, Charles Nock

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. A globe museum sounds like it would be really fun to visit. I've always been interested in antique-style globes.

  2. Why no "Big Chuck", I think it's cute, he seems like someone I could hang out with. This "Charles" guy intimidates me...bring back Big Chuck! Or just Chuck, or Charlie.... Or Charles if he wants, it's his name.

  3. The Globe Museum was beautiful, I had no idea I'd like it so much.

    Linda: when I call him "Big Chuck" it makes me feel like I'm engaged to a truck driver - not that there's anything wrong with that. But you're right "Charles" might be a little to formal ;) I'll keep searching for the perfect fit.



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