Hello Friday!

2010 Calendar - October Owl
2010 Calendar

My head is swimming with things I have to get done, mostly stuff I can't show you at the moment... sorry! I can tell you all about it though. I've been reworking some prints I've submitted to Juna Studio, they are a New York based print studio who have been representing me for the past few months - I know, exciting, eh?! Well the world of print design is quite a daunting one if you ask me, especially for a girl who really has no formal print design skills except for a childhood full of Marimekko prints ;) But I'm trying my best and learning lots as I go.

I am also working on my best-friend's wedding Save the Dates and of course those are top secret until they go out. It's really fun though. For some reason, and Big Chuck will kill me for saying this, I like working best on the projects that I do "pro bono"!

Some fun news... I have a hunch the English Muffin 2010 Calendar is going to be featured on Decor8 today. Holly is doing her annual calendar round up so pop on over and find yourself a smart calendar for the coming year.

Have a wonderful Friday!

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