Kid-o's - the great debate!

Today is the last day of camp, hurray! Not that it's been that bad - actually, it's been great to hang out with the other teachers and spend afternoons outside in the sun. Yesterday however, we were all feeling the effects of 60 screaming kids with incessant questions and poor grammar, when one of the teachers declared "I'm never having kids!" and another piped in with, "Camp is the world's best contraceptive!". Oddly enough, in all the years I've worked with kids, I've really had the opposite feeling. Obviously you aren't going to have 60 kids - but won't you be a force to be reckoned with after learning how to manage 60, shouldn't only 2 be a breeze?! Perhaps my perspective is a little too simplistic (and slightly exaggerated, of course), but I feel like having spent so much time teaching and being with children is great preparation for when I'm a parent.

Am I crazy??

Have a great weekend, and last day of camp!


  1. short answer: yes.

  2. Okay that screaming child picture is both frightening and extremly amusing. It's hard when you deal with other kids because they all have different personalities and complexes and are all raised differently. I believe that it all depends on how you raise your child. But from what i've seen, no, having 2 kids isn't easier because the 60 kids go home at the end of the day...your own kids bother you 24-7.


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