Inside English Muffin

photo: Bess Callard

I have had to suspend Canadiana Tuesdays for one more week - I haven't been on Etsy at all over the past few weeks, and thus have no great new Canadian designers/shops to share with you. You can blame the English camp kids for making me so exhausted that at the end of the day my brain can't handle much more than watching Top Chef Masters!

I do however have a fun link to English Muffin's shop profile on the Shopbug Blog. Check it out, here. Thanks again Rachel for asking me - it was my very first blog profile!

Hope you enjoy it : )


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  2. Bess, I have a hard time believing this is what your work space actually looks like...honestly how can you be that neat? Liar...


    Love your workshop, although my back would hurt in that chair after about 2 minutes.

  3. Ha! Liar, me?! Ok, I confess some things may have been tidied up/removed for visual affect, but this is pretty much how my office looks on a good day ;)

    I love my stool, I actually find it helps my back because it forces me to sit up straight - you should give it a try.

  4. Thanks Bess,
    i enjoyed putting that post together=)


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