Funky Lunch

Funky Lunch - Sheep, via Swissmiss

I've been eating lunch with kids all week and there are always a few who refuse food all together. I don't get it! Lunchtime is my favourite part of camp - mind you, I bring my own lunch, Austrian cafeteria food is often quite mysterious, but how the kids survive on fruit punch alone, I'll never know!

Maybe we should be more creative with what we put in front of them. What? Schnitzel isn't appetizing?!

Funky Lunch - Giraffe
Funky Lunch - Pig
Funky Lunch - Loch Ness Monster
Funky Lunch - Space Rocket

Have a great weekend!

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  1. wow! These pics are truly great!!! Thanks for sharing :O) I want my sandwich now! he he heee :O)


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