Volkswagen Notchback

Hi guys, nice to be back - it's Big Chuck here (no, no, it's not Friday, only Wednesday). Bess is busy with camp this week so I'm picking up the slack.

While we don't drive cars, we certainly do appreciate them. Our taste tends towards the classic and vintage. In the same way that people are looking for a kitchen table that has patina, many people will keep the original paint with all its accumulated character.

Here are some of our favourites. The Volkswagen Squareback and Notchback were released by VW as an alternative to the Beetle in the 60's.

This double cab (vw was so ahead of its time) has oodles of patina.
Check at The Samba here if you want to buy it or shop for other classic vw's

Volkswagen Squareback

Volkswagen Squareback

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