dring dring!

Dringdring's Montreal shop
With the beautiful weather we have been having here in Vienna, I think it's safe to say that bicycle season has begun! But before you hit the asphalt, make sure your bike is road worthy with all the necessary safety gear.

Dringdring is a great company, out of Montreal, that designs the cutest bike bells I have ever seen! I am loving the cupcake - so cute ;) To buy their designs you can head over to their Etsy shop, or check out the brick and mortar stores they sell to via their website.


Crazy Cats


Ice Cream

Have yourself a great Tuesday!


  1. are there a crazy amount of bike riders in Vienna like there is in Holland?

  2. I've never been to Holland, but the Viennese do love their "Fahrrads".

  3. I haven't been there either, but thats what I heard...sigh...someday


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