The Results!

Mariahilferstrasse, Vienna

Good day,

As promised last Friday, today we present the results of our tilt-shift photography experiments from last weekend.

In general, we found that using images that provide perspective work better when applying this technique. All the ones below were made at the super easy website, TiltShiftMaker.com.

We've included a few shots from around Vienna and Salzburg, and also one from our holiday in St. Lucia. Let us know how you think they turned out.


St. Lucia

Zentral Friedhof, Vienna

Zurich Airport

Have a great weekend - see you next Friday,

Big Chuck


  1. very cool! Is it just me, or does the effect kinda make the picture look like it was made out of paper? Like its fake? Is this the point and I am simply just stating the obvious?

  2. turned out really well! i'm most impressed!

  3. Linda - Yep, that's the point. The pictures end up looking fake, like the objects are little toys.

    Glad you all enjoyed them :)


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